The Pleasure Priority: The Best Condoms For Pleasurable Safer Sex

One of the top reasons men and women engage in sex is for pleasure. Yet, it has taken a while for safer sex promotion and innovation to act upon the fact that safe sex has to be pleasurable for it to be practiced. Things are changing in the contraception world…and there are some options out there now… Read More

Three Things that Deflate Sexual Desire

Desire is a pretty elusive construct. It’s complicated. Despite its complexity (or perhaps because of it), people almost universally want it and experience it. One thing I’ve learned about desire in almost a decade of studying the construct is that desire ebbs and flows. It can disappear for long periods of time and then return… Read More

After Dark: An interview

I had the pleasure of being a guest on After Dark: Safe Sex During Safe Harbor, a radio segment WRFL 88.1, a show about desire, culture, and safe sex. We focused our interview on my training, the current research of the Sexual Health Promotion Lab, and touched upon dissemination of sex research and the media…. Read More

Recruiting for Sexual Health & Relationships Study

The Sexual Health Promotion Lab is currently recruiting individuals who are 18+ and currently in a romantic relationship of any length to participate in a sexual health study. It is an online study and participation is anonymous and voluntary.  All participants will be entered into a draw for one of five $40 Amazon gift cards… Read More

Sixty Second Relationship Science: Low Female Sexual Desire

Want to learn a little bit of science about low female sexual desire? Christine Leistner, MA, doctoral student in health promotion and member of the Sexual Health Promotion Lab, shares some knowledge in this podcast: