The Pleasure Priority: The Best Condoms For Pleasurable Safer Sex

One of the top reasons men and women engage in sex is for pleasure. Yet, it has taken a while for safer sex promotion and innovation to act upon the fact that safe sex has to be pleasurable for it to be practiced. Things are changing in the contraception world…and there are some options out there now… Read More

Can Casual Sex Lead To Long Term?

I’ve had many friends (and likely been there myself) where in a casual sex situation, one of the two people involved are hoping to get a little more out of it than sexual satisfaction. Most of the time, the ‘little more’ that’s desired is in the form of a romantic relationship. I think this is… Read More

Scientifically, What’s a Booty Call?

I posted a new Kinsey Confidential blog post today about a study that recently got published in the Journal of Sex Research….you can check it out here. I love that people are doing research on this! My SRBFF (that stands for “sex researcher best friend forever” and you’ll likely hear me use that term often… Read More

Advancements in the HIV Vaccine

So, I don’t usually post about disease-related topics. I don’t really like that side of sexuality to be honest (I mean, who does?!). However, I think this is an important issue and can give us some hope about vaccines for a number of diseases. There have been great strides toward an HIV vaccine made. I’ve… Read More

Techies Beware

My friends and I often express our dread of the relationships that become entirely technological. It is so easy to do these days. I mean, with text, facebook, twitter, email, and online stalking in general, it is really quite easy to begin a relationship with someone entirely based upon technological means. I refuse though. If… Read More

Intertwining Satisfactions: My Favorite Issue

Sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction. You see a difference, right? I do. When I tell people that I study the intertwined nature of these two constructs, some people look at me like, “well…duh…they are the same”. They aren’t the same. They are related. And one feeds into the other like a cycle. If sex sucks,… Read More

The Medicalization of Women’s Sexuality

As you may have noted by now, women’s sexuality is a huge passion of mine. I’m a woman. I love studying and learning about human sexuality. This combination means that I especially love studying and learning about women’s sexuality. In my Master’s degree, I dedicated a great deal of my academic efforts to decoding the… Read More

Valentine’s Day — Do We Have To?

My relationship with Valentine’s Day has been up and down over the years. At this point, I’m seriously just over it. Why do we really have to celebrate this Hallmark Holiday? I’m not sure. Which is why I’m over it. Obviously. Anyway…I’ve blogged about it on Kinsey Confidential this week. So, you can check it… Read More

I’m on Kinsey Confidential

So, I’ve officially become the newest blogger of Kinsey Confidential! This is incredibly exciting for me because I have been dying to get close to the Kinsey Institute since I first became interested in sex research many years ago. Although I have done research with the Kinsey Institute during my Master’s degree, this is the… Read More