How Important Is Sex To Your Relationship?

How Important Is Sex To Your Relationship?

  Have you ever been in a relationship where you feel like as the relationship goes well, so does the sex? Well, there is a reason for this. And there is a reason why research indicates that the most satisfying sex happens in the context of romantic relationships. Scientists have consistently shown that sexual and… Read More

Desire Discrepancies

  Do you and your partner have difficulty agreeing on sex? As a sex researcher, I’m familiar with all the ways couples differ in their sexual preferences. One of the biggest differences? Your sex drives. Your individual sex drive will ebb and flow throughout your life. So the chance of being in a long-term relationship… Read More

Threesomes: Make Them Happen

  Discuss the details  If your partner shows interest in an actual threesome, it’s time to hash out the details. How do you envision it? How does she? It’s no surprise that about 95% of heterosexual guys prefer a woman to be the “guest star,” and while some female partners agree, others are more interested… Read More

8 Sex Myths Decoded

Sex is one of life’s most complex yet primitive instincts. Many of us probably think we know a lot about sex, especially since sex plays such a huge role in many of our lives – whether we’re having it or not. However, you’ve most likely been misinformed about some of the things you think you… Read More

Sex and Relationships

Without a doubt, one of the most common complaints in couples’ therapist offices is discrepant levels of sexual desire between couples. This is where one partner has a higher level of interest in sex than the other, which can cause a great deal of distress for some couples. There are some basic components to understand… Read More

Does size really matter?

The topic of sex can make us squirm and blush, but we all have questions and things we wonder about sex. Does size really matter? Shouldn’t I feel more? Am I doing this right? If you have doubts about prowess or performance, orgasms, or any other sexual health topic, you are definitely not alone. Q:… Read More

HOT: Gifts that keep on giving

Remember when you were young and would get excited about the holiday season’s newest toy? As an adult, there is no reason you should miss out. Once you’ve been with your lover for a while, it can sometimes be tough to come up with gift ideas for every occasion. This holiday, why not surprise her… Read More

Do a Guy’s Friends Influence His Choice Of Girlfriend?

  It’s always exciting when you’re in a new relationship with a guy: everything is going amazingly well, and he says he wants to introduce you to his friends. Exciting – yes. Terrifying – you betcha! What will these friends think of you? And exactly how much of an influence do they have on your… Read More

How Guys Tell If A Woman Is A Keeper

So, you’ve found a guy—not just any guy, but a great guy! And you want to make sure he thinks you’re a “keeper,” too. If he likes you, it should be obvious, says sex educator and Good in Bed expert Anna Potter. “Women tend to analyze every small interaction between themselves and a potential partner to… Read More

Make Your Man A Better Lover!

So, you’ve found a great guy: You have a great time with him, he gets along with your friends, and he makes you laugh hysterically with his charming personality. But do you feel like your relationship is missing a little something—some talent, perhaps? Read Did His Buddies Pick You? That can be a really frustrating position… Read More