Although distributing research findings to academic outlets such as peer-reviewed journals is incredibly important, I recognize the importance of distributing information to the masses so they can digest what we learn as scientists. If scientists keep their research findings and knowledge confined to academic journals, the research results in little impact. Therefore, I am very committed to disseminating the most up-to-date information about sex to as wide an audience as possible.

To achieve this, I currently write for and regularly contribute to a number of media outlets. I am also a Managing Editor for Good In Bed, an expert-led and interactive online sexuality resource, and I have regular blogs hosted on Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Kinsey Confidential, and Good in Bed.


Research in the Media

Sex and relationships research tends to naturally attract a good deal of attention from the media. Here are some recent examples of my research featured in the media:

Desire and Desire Discrepancy Research in the News

UK Researcher Discovers Pill Doesn’t Kill Desire on UKNow

Not Tonight, Dear: Insights Into Desire Discrepancy on Met Another Frog 

Sexting Research in the News

Most People Wouldn’t Break Up if They Caught Their Partner Sexting Someone Else: Survey in New York Daily News.

Sexting vs. Cheating: Which one would you be more likely to forgive? on Airtalk, NPR Southern California Affiliate.

Infidelity Research in the News

Insights into Infidelity: Study Examines Influence of Sexual Personality Characteristics on Indiana University Media Relations. 

How Likely is Your Partner to Cheat? on  Live Science. 

Sexual Anxiety, Personality Predictors of Infidelity, Study Says on Science Daily. 

Infidelity Linked to ‘Sexual Personality’: University of Guelph Study on Huffington Post Divorce.

Reporting on Infidelity Study Highlights Challenges of Turning Sex Research Into News in Kinsey Today: Newsletter of The Kinsey Institute.