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Featured Research

In my work as the Director of the Sexual Health Promotion Lab at University of Kentucky, I maintain an active research agenda. Some of the projects currently in progress include research on women’s sexual health, sexual and relationship satisfaction, responsive sexual desire, desire discrepancy, maintaining satisfying sex in long-term relationships, and the effectiveness of integrating sexual pleasure into comprehensive sex education, among others. Featured research projects will be posted here and regularly updated, particularly for studies seeking participants.

Sexuality & Relationships Study

We recently wrapped up recruitment of sexually diverse participants to examine sexual health, behaviors, satisfaction, desire, and relationship factors such as attachment. Data are currently being analyzed and results will be posted as soon as available! Thank you to all who participated.

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Couples Study

We are currently following up with some of the couples in The Couples Study to conduct a semi-structured interview about desire to be desired.

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You + Your Desire Study

We are seeking participants for our focus group study to examine experiences of sexual desire in straight, bisexual, and gay cisgender folks in addition to trans men and trans women. Recruitment is underway and details can be found by clicking “Learn More”.

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